Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Style Guide For Men

Women are not the only fashion conscious. Men too! There are lots of men who are crazy in pulling over their wardrobes thinking what to wear.
Let’s find out what trends in fashion do men love to wear. How they wanted their look, what styles are in for them, their obsessions, etc. Men on their looks: neat, groggy, punk, stylish, simple, sporty, rocker, nerdy, out going and boyish. But at the same time many women still lure over them, finding them sexy and hot falling in the spell of their charms even on their weirdest and worst look. Maybe that’s what they called men sex appeal.
Style guide for men will enlighten us the man way of living in the fashion world. They say men are from mars and women are from venus. So let’s take a glance on their world that makes the difference from ours. If you’re a man your wardrobe comes in variety. From shirts, sleeves, polo, suits, jeans, pants, shorts, shoes, watches, accessories like eyewear, caps and hats, belts etc. In shoes, brown suede or leather derby shoe. This can be easily worn from up and down. Choose the good shoes that compliment your get up from crucial elements. Good suede shoes are referable. Your pants or trousers include dark denim and corduroys. Cardigans with tees underneath have also become their fashion statement. Be stylish and playful in wearing shirts. Control paying attention on plain shirts instead you need varieties. Mixed and match. Colored belts could be a plus factor in wearing denims and low waist jeans with your pastel colored shirts tucked in through a fashionable way. Just make sure that it suits your looks than putting them on without checking yourself in the mirror. Hairstyles also come trendy for men. Hair colors and fashion hair cuts become their craze. From Korean hairstyles that is really in for Asians nowadays. Do not be afraid to reinvent your style and looks. Not because you’re a man does not mean you will just stuck yourself to plain and simple giving your wardrobe a dull taste in fashion and style. However majority of men still prefer to look simple than join the fashion craze. They are more of worrying other matters than buying clothes and not so important things to them. They have their own way of dealing with what they like and not.
Style guide is just a reference for every one who wants to be updated regarding the latest trends and every thing in its fashion sense.  Style guide gives information and ideas as well for a better understanding in the world of fashion. But it’s not really necessary to join the crowd just to be in with the latest trends. It’s is still up to you and your personal choice. You know better you lifestyle than any others.
Source : Style Guide For Men @ Hubpages

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